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Student finance & Insurance guide

A few points for any student embarking on the journey of a lifetime:

It is now recognised that students now make up a staggering 4% of the total UK population, this means the student body is seen as a significant market, basically meaning more finance, insurance companies and banks will be more likely to create more student services e.g. Bank accounts, better loan rates and so on.

It is now recognised that most students will leave University with debts in excess of £13000 ( Based on a 3 Yr degree).

This is quite a worrying figure if you don't get the dream career you are after, however with some financial planning, you can accommodate this cost, bear in mind it is for your future.

  • Expect to spend a little money at Uni, however don’t worry about it.
  • If possible take a gap year this will give you sometime to earn some to start paying back any financial commitments you may have or get a job before you start studying.
  • A part time job at university is always a bonus, meaning your student loan lasts that bit longer, many uni's have schemes where a student can volunteer, but get paid to act as either an ambassador, lab assistant, campus helper and mentor, this type of job also reduces travelling.
  • Borrowing, if this is a must make sure you look for the cheapest credit options e.g. interest free overdrafts and student loans. ALWAYS check the terms of the Student Loans Company or Bank, they are happy when you are a student however when you graduate it isn't long before they start claiming back what was free money at university.
  • Credit cards are a bad idea if you're a Student, UNLESS YOU PAY OFF EACH PURCHASE IN FULL WITHIN THE INTEREST FREE TIME, Keep your student finances simple with just a current account, savings accounts and your student loan.
  • Budget your weekly spending, always avoid buying on plastic (Store Cards, Credit Cards), this way you will be able to keep a track of your weekly spending, if possible keep track of your accounts online using the internet, online banking will save you time and money.
  • When budgeting take into account daily spending such as a sandwich each day as well as books, rent, food etc - also remember things such as gyms, mobile phones.
  • Keep track of how to keep your outgoings to a minimum.
  • Student insurance - when buying make sure you get the best policy for you and your location, whether it's The Halls or rented accommodation, always look at around 5 student insurance policies. This way you get a wide look at what each insurance company is offering.
  • Always be aware that grants & hardship funds and even bursaries exist - contrary to popular belief, the best place to find out about these is to contact your University.
  • Above all enjoy studying and don't worry.



Student saving tips

We all know the feeling we get when a twenty appears if by magic in a jacket, basically this can be seen as invisible saving, other ways at university to successfully achieve this is to:-

  • Whenever possible use your student card for purchases whether its Waterstones or Pizza Hut or even the Cinema
  • Team together with your fellow students and divide the cost of quarterly bills e.g. phonebills, internet, electric, gas etc
  • Make sure if you have a mobile it is a prepaid one, giving you the option to top up or not.
  • Try and make any money presents last to assist you back at uni.
  • Try and open an ISA this is a Tax Free savings account with access if you need it, it usually offers quite a good rate of interest too.

Student finance Dos & Don’ts

  • Never lend money to students as a rule, the odd pint money is fine however, say no to amounts over £50, remember the student may get in dire straights and not be able to pay you back for sometime.
  • Don’t borrow money yourself, if you're really in dire straits borrow off a parent and explain why you need it.
  • Never mislay your PIN, you are not covered for lost money.
  • Always take care when putting your name on gas, electricity or phone bills in shared accommodation. In the event of a discrepancy or your other housemates refusing to pay you will be liable, the best way to resolve this is to draw up an agreement and if in any doubt, don’t share the bills.
  • Always spend sensibly , however treat yourself if need be, just be careful.









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