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We now even offer mobile insurance

Tips & all you need to know for easy mobile phone insurance

For less than 19p per day, you can protect your phone against damage or loss...that's less than any other UK mobile phone insurance.

easy mobile insurance covers accidental damage & Loss


easy mobile Insurance 4 you offer the most competitive mobile phone insurance. The free phone you receive when you sign up for a twelve or 18 month contract with your service provider can cost up to £1000 to replace if you lose or damage it.

After 12 months you will receive a free battery worth up to £82

This is due to the network subsidising the cost of your phone, as you are promising them 12 months of your business.
easy mobile phone insurance gives you peace of mind, knowing that should you have ever experience a problem, these costs will be covered by the easy mobile phone cover.

easy mobile phone insurance, Protect your mobile phone for less

Why pay £1,000 and over to replace your mobile phone or PDA? - with Maximum Mobile phone protection our policy protects you more than any other".

Unlike other Insurance companies...

We DO pay out!

For less than 19p per day, you can protect your phone against this expensive situation. Click this button now.

Mobile phone figures 2006 show ...

  • 1.3 MILLION mobile phones were stolen
  • 1.6 MILLION mobile phones were lost
  • 600,000 mobile phones were dropped in the toilet
  • 400,000 mobile phones were dropped in drinks, and
  • 200,000 mobile phones ended their life in a washing machine!

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For less than 19p per day cover your phone with the most comprehensive mobile insurance available.

Special Offer Bonus: Mobile Phone Tracking - FREE Registration - See details

All Covered by 2U Phone Insurance

This is also one of the reasons that the crime figures are so high for mobile phone theft - people lose their phone, realise that it is not covered under the insurance they have been paying for, then commit insurance fraud (illegal) by reporting the phone 'stolen', in order to claim the insurance.

With this 2U Mobile Phone Insurance policy, you do not need to break the law

Despite being similarly priced to other inferior covering policies, it DOES cover you for:

Insurance Premium:
2 simple policies - quick and easy cover ...

Standard Policy
Covers phones up to £400
Only 19 pence per day
Executive Policy
Covers phones up to £1,000
Only 26 pence per day


Get protected now


All claims are completed within 48 hours**!

2U protects you against everything*

With the majority of mobile phone insurance companies, if you do not claim, your money is wasted. With 2U Mobile Phone Insurance, if you do not claim...



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easy mobile insurance covers :

Water damage insurance cover
Theft insurance cover
Fraudulent Call Cover
International cover
Extended warranty
Accidental damage

We even cover Pay-As-You-Go mobiles.
Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Up to £1000
Water Damage
Fraudulent Call Cover
International Cover
Extended Warranty
Accidental Damage

mobile phone insurance

After 24 months you will receive a free upgrade to the latest handset
(subject to Terms & Conditions)

Apply now for mobile phone insurance

Only £5.88 per month

Click here to discover the right Policy Cover for your phone


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