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Fleet insurance guide

Finding cheap fleet insurance cover isn't always easy, plus knowing all the legal implications regarding the insuring of a fleet of vehicles can be quite perplexing...for example what's classed as a fleet of vehicles? Is it 2 cars or 50 or somewhere in between? We offer info - whether its for vans, cars or wagons.

Check out our range of policies from leading low rate premiums especially for fleets, whether its limos's or transit connect vans, easy insurance can help by making it easy to find what you need.

We help you find cheap insurance at the right price, hassle free. Our UK based specialist brokers will find you cheap yet comprehensive cover from limousines to lorries.

Fleet insurance FAQ

How many vehicles do I have to have to qualify for a fleet policy?

Generally the minimum amount of vehicles that you must own or lease to be elligible is two vehicles excluding a family policy which is three.

Some of my vehicles are privately owned by myself, not the company, am I still able to cover my vehicles with the insurance policy?

All vehicles have to be registered to a principal, partner or business name unless a family, which has to be registered in the family members names.

I have a large family and more than one vehicle, can I benefit?

A minimum of three vehicles can be insured under a family policy, however these have to be mixed vehicles, e.g. A motorbike, car & delivery van.

Can I get a no claims bonus (NCB) on a fleet policy?

Usually most insurers recognise a discount rather than a No Claims Bonus Discount.

If I have a mix of vehicles say 4 cars and 6 vans, do the vans need separate insurance cover to the cars or can they all be on the same policy?

All vehicles can be on one policy.

Is it possible to mix and match with insurance cover e.g. TPFT and Fully Comp?

Yes, this is possible on all vehicles.

Services you should look for when choosing an insurer

Most fleet insurance brokers offer policies covering Owner/Operators owning one vehicle, to multi-national companies with over 500 vehicles. When looking for cover ensure your broker includes:

  • a fully comprehensive review
  • evidence of claims experience assessment
  • marketing strategies with Insurers
  • evidence of knowledge of fleet management
  • knowledge risk assessment
  • has access to insurer driver training / workshops
  • willing to give advice
  • responsibility for all your fleets cover
  • quarterly claims reviews summarising details

The law

UK Law requires all, fleet and motor trader policyholders to provide all vehicle data to the Motor Insurance Database. A Fleet/motor trader policyholder includes all persons or a company holding a motor insurance policy covering multiple vehicles. This includes all motor trade policies and any company that considers itself to be "self-insured" but also hold an underlying insurance policy for third party risks. Crown bodies holding commercial insurance cover are also covered.

Risk management

All fleet managers or owners should always maintain a close eye on costs, whether it's a private car (such as a limousine) or a commercial vehicle (such as a delivery van or cars and vans) The most recognisable area of expenditure is an annual insurance premium.

Companies now can be more selective with who they cover, but equally they are happier to reward fleet insurance clients prepared to approach with a proactive attitude.

Large savings in premiums can be easily identified when the insurer works together with a specialist broker and the clients, therefore seen as a three way partnership. This kind of arrangement can seriously reduce a company's premium.

This demonstrates that it is an idea to use a specialist feet company, who can identify where to save you money.

Where it stands today

At present

  • the commercial fleet insurance market is showing signs of hardening

  • insurers need to make more profit, and are therefore increasing their rates

  • significant discounts are available for proactive clients

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