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10 tips to getting cheap car insurance

Take a look at these top tips for competitive cover

1. Never accept a renewal premium & get new quotes

Spend time looking for better quotes. It could save you a lot of money in the long run, and many brokers have no obligation forms on their websites, as well as freefone high priority lines for new customers.

Recently, Swinton found that motorists can save over £115 a quote when its's renewal time, making it well worth shopping around a little. In our opinion its best to get at least five quotes, more if you have the time. This way ensures you get a decent idea of premium costs for your vehicle, however recent consumer surveys show most people still only get three.

2. Only insure regular drivers

There is always the option to add someone for a week or so if there really is a need.

3. Always protect your no-claims bonus (NCB)

It really is false economy not to, it may increase the premium by a few pounds, however the potential loss of a possible 60% discount on your next premium could end up costing you at the very least over a hundred pounds.

4. Increase your excess to reduce your premium

The more you agree to pay in car repairs in the result of an accident can dramatically affect your premium cost. Therefore increasing your voluntary excess, can save you a fair bit.

5. Install a Thatcham approved alarm

Installing an alarm, immobiliser or tracker device will reduce your premium especially if your car is a sporty model. The industry standard is Thatcham, and an approved model can save you a packet.

6. Set a Mileage restriction

The less miles a car clocks up, the more you save. A cut in mileage of around 10,000, could save you over £100 annually.

7. Don't put young drivers on your insurance policy.

It will dramatically reduce the price for the younger driver compared with insuring a car on their own policy. However it will quite significantly increase your premium to add an inexperienced driver to your policy. A downfall with this as far as the young driver is concerned is that in most cases, they will not build up any (NCB) no-claims bonus. The only company at the moment to offer additonal drivers any (NCB) is Direct Line.

8. Check with your insurer before changing your car.

If the car is say more sporty or has a bigger engine, this could increase the premium. Also, your broker may not actually cover the vehicle you are looking at buying, therefore if you had already bought the vehicle you are in somewhat of a pickle.

9. Keep your car garaged.

This will reduce premiums compared to keeping the car on a main road or even in a drive.

10. Drive safer and slower.

This reduces the chances of having a collision or getting points, by far the most expensive way of increasing your costs.

How much?

Last year the RAC reported the one in three people who bought car insurance were paying well over the odds, and the simple reason for this, not spending time searching for a lower quote...they just took the renewal they were offered. It is reported Nearly half of the UK do not bother to look for any other new quotes when renewing their policy and one in four consumers just renewed when they receive their renewal quote through the post. This error can cost hundreds of pounds.

As for the likelihood of insurers reducing their costs?

well... think you better look at the easy insurance top 10 tips to cheaper car insurance.

Tips - The things you need to know

Always make sure when comparing car insurance, you compare like for like cover, and always make sure that it fully fulfils your needs.

Always look at what the NCB definition states, protecting no-claims bonus varies widely.

Any excess is recoverable if the accident was not caused by you.

Always check your policy for your exact model. Many insurers refuse to insure certain cars e.g. Hot Hatch cars Golf GTI, 205 GTI - Performance imports Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan Skyline...These vehicles usually require at the least a Thatcham approved Immobiliser, and usually a tracker device also. If a vehicle is not installed with said approved deterrents, at the very most they will agree to cover you for accidents only! This will result in having no cover for theft or a break in.

If you don't use your car to commute to work or for business it could be an even bigger saving.

Take the Pass Plus scheme or advanced drivers' course. Both these courses demonstrate to insurers you know how to handle a car, and they can offer discounts of up to 35%.

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