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Take a look at our Car insurance guide and find ways to reduce your premium, to help you get a range of the most competitive quotes. What ever type of policy you need, We can help - UK car insurance specialists in fully comprehensive and third party including Jap car, GTI, Import & hot hatch even young drivers car insurance.

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The most comprehensive home insurance guide & the smart way to getting cheaper home insurance quotes. Whatever type of property cover you are looking for, the Easy Home Insurance guide can help - Info on UK house and contents cover even advice or if you prefer just a simple, quick & easy quote.

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Easy insurance 4 you always offer the most competitive car quotes from leading insurers - whether you drive a Porsche, GTI, Prestige, Import or if you are a young driver - all easy insurance's brokers offer a fast decision and no obligation service.

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Welcome to easy insurance 4 you, here you you will find a range of guides for all types of cover.

We aim to offer you the lowest premiums through our range of brokers whether it's Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Pet Insurance or Home contents insurance.

Tips for winter driving tips
courtesy of Planet Auto

Want to keep your car insurance low this year? Winter driving is one of the most hazardous times to drive, snow, ice and low sunshine. These hazardous conditions make for costly car insurance, here is how to keep car insurance claims to a minimum.

  • Stay on the road, first and foremost.
  • Drive your car within the road restriction.
  • If you happen to skid, don't brake, steer into the skid
  • Where sunglasses in bright sunshine.
  • Always drive to the conditions.
  • Always drive to the conditions not the limits.
  • Always park cars in gear, your car handbrake may fail.
  • Climate changes adversley affect road conditions.

If you follow these points your car insurance premium should stay at a minimum and make it cheaper when its insurance renewal time - easy insurance keeping you on the road.

The one stop guide to easy home insurance, easy car insurance and Pet insurance.


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